Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Getting Closer

We are one step closer to getting the kid on the track and racing! We are really excited! Who would have thought that it would take so much time to find everything that is needed for gear. All I can say is to always check with your local karters. The age range for kids that are racing is only a couple of years before they have to move up and all kids are growing all the time.

Our local track as an awesome forum to be able to talk to other people that are racing at the same track. It is wonderful! I have been able to find a lot of information just by asking questions! Everyone has been very helpful.

I used the forum to find the kiddo's kart and now I have found his racing suit. It is used with no tears or anything, but it is less than $50. If anyone else has tried looking into a new suit it is always more than $100 to get one. So this is a huge relief in the racing budget! LOL

Now I have also spent countless hours, so has my husband, looking for gear. You would think this would be as easy as going to summit racing, which it can be, but when you are racing on a budget, that is not the best option. We have found so many different sites that have helped with the cost of getting gear. It seems to be the biggest cost that we are going to have is getting his helmet that is approved for the track. We have one picked out, but we want to make sure that we get a new one that fits his head and we have all knowledge of wrecks that could potentially happen. We are more than happy to pay this cost. We were also able to find a rib protector for $30. Saving money every where.

On another note of getting started, I have started to design a t-shirt that I am going to sell to help fund Barrett Kart Racing. My initial shirt design did not come out the way that I wanted, it is just hard to see what I was trying to accomplish with the shirts. So it is back to the drawing board... Once I get it right, I will post a copy of it so everyone can see! I will be more than happy to take orders as well!

Thanks for taking a look at the blog again. Leave a comment if you enjoy what you are reading!

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